LAZY DAYS IN BLACK AND WHITE. My apologies because I’ve been feeling super lazy these days. Not in the mood of taking pictures and the like, I’m afraid. However, I did purchase something from Asos Curve recently. A very good excuse to blog more again ;) Happy weekend!

Skirt - Primark - Jumper - Peacocks UK - Boots - Evans 

RED & TAN. What do you think about the combination red and tan? If you’ve never worn red tights, I highly recommend you try. Also thumbs up for my newest scarf. Happy Tuesday!

Cardigan: Kiabi - Dress: Kling - Tights: Forever 21 - Shoes: Urban Outfitters - Scarf: H&M - Belt: Primark

BIRTHDAY OUTFIT. Many of you have already seen this outfit, since I posted a photo on Twitter last week. Last Friday I turned 27. And this is what I wore for my Birthday. I truly believe that the red blazer was a great investment even if I don’t wear it on a daily basis. The dress is new because I have this (silly) tradition to wear something new on my Birthday. And the boots are my mom’s gift :) :) :) :) Btw, happy weekend!

Dress + Blazer: Forever 21 — Boots: Scarpa — Tights: H&M — Necklace: Urban Outfitters — Sunnies: flea market

I am obsessed with becoming a woman comfortable in her skin.

Sandra Cisneros (via indigos0ul)

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How many times I’ve worn this jumper this winter I can’t tell you. And you’ve already seen it here at least twice. But I thought this outfit was matchy enough to deserve a place on Gary. Jumper matches the jeans, my hair matches the tee. And my beloved creepers-like shoes from River Island matches everything :) Hope you have a happy Sunday!

Jumper: Primark - Tee: H&M - Jeans: Forever 21 - Shoes: River Island - Necklace: local store - Sunnies: flea market

SEQUIN JUMPER — It took me ages to wear this jumper and these blurry photos make no justice to its beauty. Isn’t it cool to wear such amount of sequins on a daily basis? I should do it more often. The problem is that sequins are usually extremely delicate and I prefer not too care much about my clothes. Don’t you hate to feel conscious of what you are wearing in the fear that it might crease or be damaged by the tiniest scratch? 

And by the way, Happy New Year! (10 days later XD).

p.s. The jumper is from Primark.

THE PICTURE WITH TWO DOGS. Isn’t it cool and a bit creepy that instead of one you can see two dogs in this picture? Amazing optical effect. The past and the future.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I guess that I should haven shown you what I wore that day, but those kind of “mandatory posts” bore me. So I prefer to show you the regular me. 

I’ll be back next year. So have a happy New Year’s Eve!!

THE THING ABOUT STRIPES… is that you will find a considerable amount of options and you will like none. And then you will become mad because you just need to have a stripes jumper in your wardrobe. It is something so essential, like a LBD or the perfect black jeans, that you can’t picture your life without owning a striped item. Just be patient. It might take you a couple of years to find that jumper you were looking for: big stripes, black and almost white, cozy, slouchy -I like how slouchy feels!- and really warm (now that I’m finished with the trips to colder cities XD). I made it. My life is complete. 

I’m bound to say this today… Have a Merry Merry Christmas!! Sales are just around the corner ;)

Jumper & Jeans - Forever 21 - Coat - H&M - Boots - Mustang - Scarf - H&M

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WHAT TO DO NEXT. My excuses these photos are a bit blurry. But I wanted to show you what I wore on Saturday night, plus my make-up (I was really happy with the result). 

I know it’s only Thursday, but I think we should start planning for this weekend. What are you going to wear? Are you going to challenge yourself? That’s the shortest skirt in my closet right now. I think that I would have never worn it a year ago. Thanks to blogging and the therapy attached :) :) :) 

So, ladies & co, have in mind that Saturday night is a fantastic night to show off!

Happy Thursday!

Skirt - Venca - Shirt - Evans - Top - unbranded - Bag - Blanco - Eyeshadows - MAC & Urban Decay

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the-great-maleficence asked: Such a fashion inspiration! Xxx

Wow, thank you so much!! :) :) :) You have a mighty tee collection ;) 

SYMMETRIC PRINTS. Dear everyone,

I thought really funny pairing this two items together. Same print. Same colours. Both jumper and scarf are from H&M. I should be banned from that store XD and explore new horizons. Really short post because there’s nothing much to tell and I need to think what to wear tonight. Hopefully, next post will be a ladies-night-out outfit ;) Happy Saturday!

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Just a picture to show the last addition to my graphic tee collection, since you saw that skirt recently. Just to prove you that, like most booksellers, I have this “cool-freak-chic” taste. 

Have a nice Thursday!

Tee: Fnac — Cardigan: Sky Republic — Skirt: Primark — Shoes: River Island — Beret: H&M


Be yourself, everyone else is already taken! 🍭🍭🍭


Dear everyone! I think I’m in a shopping mood these days - though I usually buy Christmas presents last minute. However, I have fun searching for stuff online. Please, let me know if you find this kind of posts useful ;)

The selection today includes…

Asos Curve Denim Shirt - 28,77€ 

Frankenstein Bride Necklace from Fable And Fury - 23,94€ (check the rest of jewellry, it is just amazing)

From Hell by Alan Moore - 23.93€ (However, if you are in Barcelona, pay me a visit. I always have a copy - As a bookseller, my obsessions are not always fashion related) 

Accessorize Sequins Clutch - 29,99€

Benefit Eyeshadow Kit - 29,38€

Roman Polanski Collection - 19,20€ (I would buy this just for The Tenant)

Have a Happy Tuesday! 


Hi there! Hope everything is fine with you. I need to confess that there was a time when I was not really fond of knitwear. But then last year I started buying jumpers as mad. And that habit seems to continue this winter. This cognac jumper is one of my last purchases. It’s a bit oversize, but then, you should not be afraid to oversize. Have a happy Sunday! And meet us here

Jumper: H&M (main range) - Shirt: H&M (plus size) - Skirt: Primark - Tights: Evans - Shoes: New Look